This is my first 2 workouts for a 5-day split i made up. Each day is dedicated to 1 muscle. this is a bulking workout i came up with to give me plenty of time to rest. let me know what you think. ill put some weight i have been putting up last couple weeks. i do not look like a big guy at all. i weigh 170-175, around 10-12% BF. Training experiance not much... off and on in high school. Been lifting steady for around a year now. Im still getting stronger every other week. So these numbers are subject to change

Day 1

BB Press
2x20 @ 95
1x12 @ 135
1x10 @ 155
1x8 @ 185
1x6 @ 195
1x5 @ 205
1x4 @ 225
1x3 @ 230

Incline DB press:
4x6-8 @ 65 lbs

Flat flyes
4x6-8 @ 30-40

Day 2

Skull crushers
2x20 @ 45lbs
1x10 @ 55
1x10 @ 65
2x8 @ 75
2x6 @ 85

Cable pushdowns (when im at home i jus do close grip bench 3 sets)

Overhead tri extentions
4x8-10 @ 55 lbs

DB curls
4x6-8 each arm @ 45 lbs

BB curls
2x20 with bar
1x12 55 lbs
1x10 65 lbs
1x8 75
1x6 85
1x4 95

Hammer curls
3x10 45 lbs

dont feel like typing the other 3 days at the moment but my split is broke down like this.
Monday: chest
Tuesday: arms
Wednesday: legs
Friday: back
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest
Ill do cardio 2-4 times a week depending how lazy i am

Im just a beginner so go easy on me