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    Critique my workout please....

    My goal is size and strength. I am currently a track and field athlete (thrower) at a junior college and I plan on gong out for defensive takle next year. Here is what I am thinking...I will start today

    Monday Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
    Incline BB 4x6-8
    Flat DB 4x6-8
    Incline Hammer Machine 3x10
    Dips 3xfailure
    Cable Crossovers 3x10
    Pec Dek 3x10
    Military Press 3x10
    Front Raises 3x10
    Side Lateral 3x10
    Tricep Pushdowns 3x6-10
    Reverse grip pushdown 3x6-10
    Rope Pushdown 3x8-10
    Kickbacks 3x10

    Tuesday Back/Biceps/Traps
    Lat Pulldowns
    T-bar Rows
    Low rows
    DB shrugs
    upright rows
    BB curls
    machine curls
    Cable curls
    Hammer curls

    Wednesday Legs
    Hack Squats
    Leg Press
    Leg extension
    Calve raises

    Thursday Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

    Only difference is I will do Flat Bench with BB instead of DB and Incline with DB instead of BB

    Friday Back/Traps/Biceps

    Saturday Legs

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    all the exercises look fine for the muscles being worked. but if i were you, i would split up the muscles a couple more days cause that looks like a shitload of exercises on mondays and thursdays. if you're gonna work more than one muscle per day, i would have a split like this: monday-chest/tri's, tuesday-back/bi's, wednesday-legs/shoulders and you could repeat monday's and tuesday's workout again on thursday and fridays too. i really wouldn't do legs twice a week, jmo. and with your leg workout, i think you should add some leg curls or stiff legged deads to work your hams too. again, jmo. good luck.

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    Thanks...I think I will do it like that you think that is sufficient recovery time? If not I could probably do each body part one time per week...but if the recovery time seems right...then I would like to do bodyparts 2 time per week.

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    Do whatever works, but give everything a chance. Don't constantly change your splits every week, give em a month or so before u change. I think most ppl generally respond very well to working out each bodypart only once per week, u just have to make sure your workouts are very intense.

    Here's my split


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    im with mr trenton on this one, to me it seems your doing a butt load of excercises on each day except for legs and not only that your training them two times a week. In my opinion i think somewhere down the road your going to run into overtraining or a plateau where you will be doing yourself more harm then progress. but what do i know??? just try to bresk it up some, why so many pull down excercises??? do you not like skull crushers or close grip presses or what about bent over rows for your shoulders on back day???

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