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    Max test Wednesday...suggestions and tips?

    Well, as some of you know, I'll be starting up the classic beginner's westside routine next week, having completed an HST workout cycle. As such, i'll be testing my max lifts on Wednesday...i'm particularly interested in my bench results, as I haven't maxed out on bench in some time (almost 8 months), or benched much period...and both my incline and military presses have risen dramatically during this time - so i'm optimistic. However, I want to do everything i can to ensure that it goes well. Any tips or suggestions? I'll probably be going with a red bull or maybe some utlimate orange before hand; for the psychological edge if nothing else. What has worked for you guys in the past when prepping or going for a max lift? I'm posting this in the powerlifting forum as well in hopes of getting a good variety of answers.

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    Whenever I go test my 1RM, I usually decide on a day but not any particular time. I just make sure I can hit the gym at pretty much any time that day. I do this because there is usually a time of the day when I feel real strong and siked to work out. Most of the time that time of the day doesn't line up with the time I have scheduled for the gym. So I like to be able to do my 1RM tests when I feel like that.

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