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    finally tried light weight, high hard!

    i've been doing high weight low reps for a long ass time now. been doing like 4-5 excercises per body part, 2 sets with 6 reps each with really heavy weight for me. heavy so where each rep is pretty damn difficult and i fail around the 6th rep. recently i've upped the reps to 8. i've been pleased with the results, but its time for a change.

    someone suggested every other workout, i should do high reps, low weight. so i finally tried it today on bicep day. i cut the weight in HALF, and DOUBLED the reps and added one more set per exercise. holy christ, i thought it was going to be easy, boy was i ever wrong! even with half the weight, its hard as HELL. much harder than high weight low reps. and christ the pain!! its a very different kind of pain. feels like a fire under my skin...arrrggg!

    its really weird too cuz the first 6 or so reps is incredibly easy...then the dull burn comes, then the sharp stinging fires of hell burn comes, then when i'm on the 10-12 rep, i find myself struggling with all my might to lift this puny weight before me.

    oh yeah, i used really good form, very slow and deliberate movements (i actually do it this way also on high weight low rep days though). maybe it was sooooo hard cuz my diet and sleep schedules have gone down the shitter since its finals times in college...=(

    -- clocky baby

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    Nah, you're just a wuss! Hehe...yep, it's good to switch it up sometimes. Check out that file I sent you.

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    Or try breathing squats... 50% or your 1RM for say 40 or 50 reps and time yourself. Repeat again in a month or two or six to see your improvement. Also make sure to have a squatter if/when you fail or pass out

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    Perrty amazing definition too i do 4 exercices and 4 sets of 15reps with 20 seconds rest between.

    I am getting pertty good definition

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    3 year old thread, thats all i gotta say

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    Older than dirt.


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