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    Eating before Workout?

    Before a workout should u load up on carbs? Im not sure about the diet part of wieght training, if i knew i would be pretty cut up. But if you wana lose bf% while keeping some mass, do you load up on carbs before you lift, and have like a protien shake after? Thanx Guys

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    After you should load up with a protein shake and glutamine. You can actually feel the energy going back into your boy. Post workout protein shake is the most important meal of your day

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    Before workout, I swallow 1/4 cup of oatmeal and a smoop of whey.=205cals.

    Post workout should be Whey protein & simple sugars(dextrose/Malto)
    Depending on what brand of protein you buy, glutamine will already be added. Sometimes I add more or if i have an Isopure MRP I add glutamine.
    Post workout needs to be 50gprotein, and 40gdextrose. It's the only part of the day you should have any kind of simple sugar.

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    Preworkout meal should definitely be low GI index carbs like pasta or oatmeal along with a good amount of protein to give you energy and keep muscle catabolism during your workout to a minimum.

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    preworkout meal
    go ahead load on carbs but dont over do it
    like it was stated before eat complex carbs ex.pasta/oatmeal,etc
    protein shake wit a mix of simple carbs after an intense workout

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