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    What Causes Garden Hose Veins?

    Ive trained for years . I have veins but they are much smaller than many non trainers. Particulary in my right forearm. What steroid or routine can help? I;m assuming its a genetic thing but it sure looks good! THANKS

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    Genetics play a role in everything - just keep that in mind.

    Also, kind of depends on your BF % I believe - the lower it is, the closer the veins are to the skin. Veins popping out like that are the body's way of trying to cool the system down. When I get hot & start sweating, I have veins everywhere (inside my quads, calves, all over my forearms). Sometimes I think "hell yeah, that's cool as shit". But then other times I'm like "damn, wonder what this is gonna look like when I'm 60". There was this one guy in my gym back home who's got huge vericose veins running down his legs - disgusting.

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