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    ? about changing routine,, chest tired of same thing after 2 years...?

    i need to change my chest routine round but not sure what to do? its always been like this

    on a monday

    3 sets flat bench press
    3 sets incline db press... sometime i change this to barbell
    3 sets decline press

    no i have changed all my other workouts around already but left my chest day alone and kept it on same day as always ben not sure what to do?

    should i change the workouts or change the day? what do you guys change around???? as i think my chest as stoped growing now got to be sick of the same thing after 2 years?

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    2 sets incline barbell bench press
    3 sets flat dumbell press
    2 sets machine chest press
    2 sets decline bench press

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    Add DB flys

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