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    Post Working a new routine

    After th aid of this board, I have finally come up with a new training routine. I was wondering what evryone here thought about it, since I built it from your help. It is based on an eight day split.

    Day 1: Chest and Forearms
    Day 2: Off
    Day 3: Thighs and Biceps
    Day 4: Off
    Day 5: Shoulder and Triceps
    Day 6: Off
    Day 7: Back and Calves
    Day 8: Off

    I was thinking of putting biceps with chest, as mentioned on the main site, however, when you train your back, your biceps are also trianed. This provided only a 2 day rest for the biceps. I also know, you might not get as good as a pump doing biceps with thighs, what do you guys think? I figure this is a suitable routien with, or without the aid of AS. Also, does anyone know any good site providing several workout routines?


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    Switch Biceps and Forearms and you're chedda.

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    I would do forearms with back because they will be nice and
    warm from the back workout.

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    Ive read a bit of old-school theory somewhere about the 'pump'. The suggestion is you dont train upper body and lower body in the same workout. Why? Because blood can only be re-directed in large volumes to one muscle group at a time. Hence if you do you biceps workout and then switch to calves, most of the blood will be re-directed towards the calves and you will lose the pump in the biceps almost immediately. However, the calves won't get as much blood as they would have had you not been training upper body.
    See what i mean?

    I doubt it affects hypertrophy in any significant way but, personally, I notice my veins get bigger and stay bigger for longer if i concentrate on one muscle group in particular.
    Perhaps greater blood flow allows for more oxygen and glucose to be carried to the muscle under exercise. Hence also improves performance.


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