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    starting cycle soon, should i change to 5 days/wk? from 3

    iam starting my tren test cycle soon... i train 3 times/wk should i do 5 days/wk to get the most out of cycle?

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    I wouldn't JMO.. I have made better gains training one day one and one day off....

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    I would but I train more than 3 days a week not on anything.

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    I use a DCtraining regime which is very high intensity. i do 1 on 1 off. even when on cycle i am just getting over the soreness from the previous workout when that muscle group comes around again. but its not your typical 3 day a week split. its more of a half body split. training the same muscle group every 5 days instead of every 7 days. Its more complicated but its not a topic for this thread.

    bottom line. i stick with the 1 on 1 off when on or off cycle when bulking. if im cutting i run a very different schedule.


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