I have already gotten my nutrition questions(Post workout meal advice) answered but can you guys point me in the right direction for workouts. Here is what i do 3 days a week:

I do two workouts and rotate them every other day....essentially I will do the same workouts 3 times each in two weeks.

Workout 1:

Squats 10,8,6
T Bar Rows 10,8, 6
Bench Press 10,8,6
DB Flys 2x20

Workout 2:

Deadlifts 10,8,6
Push Press 10,8,6
Curls 10,8,6
Dips - Usually 2x20, but have been adding weight so did 15 with 25lb plate, then 10 with 45lb plate

I am growing slowly, but wanted to see what everyone else thinks. My lifts are all going up, but i see most of the growth in my quads. I take in 3000 cals per day at 50/30/20.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.