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    My upcoming routine, overtraining?

    My current split is just a 3x week, your basic chest tris, back bi's shoulder traps. I have been on this routine as im cutting bodyfat.

    I am planing on doing a split as follows:

    Monday: Chest
    4x Bench Press
    4x Incline Bench press
    4x Pec Flys (machine)
    4x Flat machine flies
    4x dips

    Tuesday: Back
    4x Lat pulldown
    4x Seated Row
    4x T-bar Row
    4x Wide rows
    4x machine isolated arms lat pulldown

    Wednesday: Rest

    Thursday: Shoulders
    4x Barbell military press
    4x Side lateral raises
    4x military presses (machine)
    4x upright rows
    4x front lateral raises

    Friday: Arms
    4x bicep curls (barbell)
    4x Hammer curls
    4x machine curls
    4x tricep overhead curls
    4x tricep pulldowns
    4x tricep dips

    Saturday: legs
    4x squats
    4x quad curls
    4x hamstring curls
    4x machine legg press

    that would roughly be my routine. Would you think its too much?
    I will be doing this split using AAS, Test, deca & Dbol .

    Any input is appreciated

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    Shouldn't be OT as long as nutrition and rest is up to par. Too much bicep work and I see no core or calve work.

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    theres a few things you might need to remove and add... for shoulders you have no Rear delt workouts

    for back you should replace one of the pull downs with pull ups. and take another exercise out and add deadlift.

    As hawaiian pride sed aswel there no calve work

    imo you have a bit too much of everything. more exercises doesnt mean more size.

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