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    New Workout Routine

    Okay, So I finally got my gym membership worked out and started this morning. I had a question.

    Im doing
    Monday - Biceps & Triceps
    Wednesday - Chest & Back
    Fridays - ( Dont know yet )

    umm... so Ive been getting my routine from this guy on youtube. He seems like he really knows his stuff.
    It is lee Hayward

    This is what I did today
    Complete Chest Workout Routine
    Complete Back Workout Routine

    It felt good to do but I feel like my arms are sore more than my chest and my back isnt very sore at all.
    Is this normal?

    umm also what do u think of his routine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmcaldwell92 View Post
    umm also what do u think of his routine?
    What are your goals?

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    You need to add legs and shoulders to your weekly routine

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    Chest and back on same day and only once a week? If your going to do these muscles once a week then you want to get the most out of each workout, so if your doing chest first then you will be to tired to get an explosive back workout.

    Monday- chest/tri
    Wednesday - back/bi
    friday- legs/shoulders

    Personaly i like lifting 5 days a week

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