I'm about to start a cycle of AS and I want to make sure everything is in order before I start. I've been working out for about 4 years now and have worked with a few in gyms and been associated with trainers. let me tell you my work out
sunday: bi's and tri's
monday: legs
tuesday: cardio
wednesday:chest and back
thursday: off
Friday bi's and tri's............
sometimes I switch up cardio days.
Lately, I've been following some of charles poliquin's teachings. I'm following his arm routine right now and have seen more gains through it than before.what I need critiquing on I guess is the chest and back routine. following poliquin, I start heavy on let's say incline dumbell press and do 4 sets with 4-6 reps. I take 1 sec. to put up the weight and 4 sec. on the negative to really hit those deep muscle fibers.Slow twitch I think. next I hit say, the decline bench and do 4 sets with 8-10 reps. 2 sec to go up and 2 sec. on the negative. next I hit say, incline and do 4 sets at 12 - 14 reps to hit the fast twitch fibers. I cover the whole chest and am pretty fatigued by this point. for the heavy low rep sets, I wait 2 min. and do say, heavy pull ups with same reps and sets then wait 2 min and go back to chest. for next exercise I wait 45-60sec. then hit another back exercise then wait 45-60 sec and so on. On the next exercise I hit incline chest exercise then wait 45-60 sec and hit it again. I don't do back in between on this exercise. after this chest exercise is done I do another back exercise. With this I hit all the fast and slow twitch fibers. I always feel like I get a good work out. I also change exercises every six times or so to shock my body into growth so it doesn't get used to the current exercise.
The reason I need critiquing is because I've always been told to do 16 sets for chest and 12 for arms and so on.... With this I'm doing only 12 sets for chest but I feel like I get a better workout doing this because of the time under tension and everything. I just wanted to know what the veterans think about this. Sorry this is so long