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    fasted cardio question

    i usually go too the gym at 1 pm if i ate my last meal at 930 am or so then hit the gym at 1 would that 3.5 hours be considered fasted cardio if i do it how long after you eat would it be considered that i ask cause i am taking hgh frag and want too get max from it and fasted cardio seems too be best any suggestions guys other than go too gym right when i wake up as that is not an option for me right now ????

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    Just do your cardio and don't worry too much about fasted cardio. If you can't do it fasted, do it pwo and have No carbs for 2-3 hours before. Worry more about burning a ton of calories and staying on the treadmill for as long as you can. That will do the trick. Consistency is key in weight loss.

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