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    Question Squat Depth..

    Ive only been doing legs for about a year now. I used to be one of those guys that did upper body hardcore and skipped out on legs alot. Legs are now my favorite thing to work.

    Monday is squats and hack squat and leg extension.
    Friday is leg curls and calfs and a couple other things for hams.

    I am not a power lifter, more of a bodybuilder and i am wanting to compete someday..

    With that being said, How low should i be squating? Here is a video of me doing my normal squats.

    My quads seemed to get pretty hammered this way. Today i took my buddys advice and went lower, a little bit past parallel which was hard, felt very weird becuase im not used to it. I had to go down in weight also (wanted to make sure form was correct). Once i got to leg extensions (last leg excersise) my quads are usually toasted and i do light weight high rep to get a good pump, but today i maxed the thing out and when i got done with my sets i still felt like i could do more.

    Is this becuase my quads wernt working as hard doing LOW squats? Should i be doing low squats or should i stick to how i was doing them in the video?

    Any advice would be great. Thanks.

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    You need to go lower than in the video. Parallel or just below will see your leg development improve massively.

    Lighten the weight, get your technique right and then build the weight up.

    Full depth squats are a real b!tch but so worth it.

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    If you don't have knee problems then I would go a touch lower...try to get to parallel or just below. You won't be able to do as much weight at first but your legs/glutes will explode in size. If your quads aren't smashed after squats and leg press you're doing something wrong.

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    I have terrible knees (13 knee surgeries) and if you squat properly, squats are actually healthy for the knees. Anyway, high bar, olympic style, ass to grass squats (google it) are the best for building leg development.

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    the general conscious is slightly below parallel. you might have work on the flexibility of your hamstrings to get the proper form. it also appears that your using the high bar style ; to go deeper and avoid lower back problems might need to adjust to the low bar style. The link will give you pointer to help you tweak your form.

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