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    Today was shoulder day... overtraining?

    Seated DB press: 12/10/10/8
    Standing Side DB raises: 10/10/10
    Machine Shoulder Press: 12/10/10
    Standing Front Shoulder Press: 10/8/6
    Cable Triceps Pushdown:14/11/10/10

    Goals are to gain as much muscle fiber as possible, and accept strength that comes with it.

    also, all sets were progressively heavier, with 30 second breaks between compound lifts and 15 second breaks between isolations. I don't feel as though my muscles are completely failing at the end of the workout, and seldom do i push them to complete failure during sets as I have no spotter, and don't want to get hurt. However after some recent reading I feel I may be doing too many sets with not enough intensity. Cant wait to read some advice! thanks gentlemen and ladies.

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    Overtraining is a cumulative process, not simply from a single workout

    Your not resting long enough between sets

    60 second rest between isolation movements

    60-180 seconds between main compound movements

    Pic an exercise to hit the muslce and hit it hard with that movement. no need to then come back and do a similar movement....

    Millitary Press 4 sets (this is where all the work is done IMO (the first exercise) so blast this movement hard, to failure and beyond with drop sets, rest pause etc... You could now walk out of the gym with a delt session under ur belt)
    Side Laterals 3 sets
    Rear Laterals 3 sets

    Tricep Push downs 5 sets (again as above, blast the muscle... longer rests, harder sets)
    One arm Lying DB extensions 3 sets

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    This is very similar to most of the workouts I do, as far as structure and rest.

    Thanks for the response! Great feedback

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