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    Workout Routine Help

    The following is what I have been doing when I go to the gym. I do each exercise for 5 sets of 8-10 reps. I have been going to the gym 6 days a week, taking off Sunday, except for some light cardio. I do the workouts as Monday 1, Tuesday 2, Wednesday 3, Thursday 1, Friday 2, Saturday 3.
    I'm not sure if this is overtraining, improper training, or if this is fine to continue. I would just like some advice from the more seasoned lifters out there.

    25 years old, 225 lbs, 6'2, 15% BF
    Also, this is not while cycling (haven't done any yet), I want to get to a comfortable point/natural maximum before debating on the use of a cycle.

    Workout 1 - Back/Bi
    Pulley Rows
    Lat Pull down
    1h DB Row
    Hammer Curl
    EZ Bar Curl
    Incline DB Curl

    Workout 2 - Chest/Tri
    Flat Bench
    Incline Bench
    DB Bench
    DB Fly
    Tricep Rope Pull down

    Workout 3 - Leg/Shoulder
    Leg Extension
    Leg Curl
    Calf Raises
    Military Press
    Front/Side Raise

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    OK, I'm going to add a few ideas here and let you pick. First you are over training period. I'll give you an idea on total sets then we can think about splits. I used to think beating the hell out of the weights was the way to go. 15-20 sets all the time. Not anymore. I continue to grow and feel better with reduced sets. I still go to failure on all lifts and i keep the rep range between 6-16. Now the idea of failure is the last rep you can perform with perfect form. Also an important idea to keep your joints and tendons health and you lifting.
    Total sets
    Total of 9 sets for Bi's, tri's, chest, delts. You can put 3-4 sets for traps on shoulder day if you want.
    If you train Bi's with back and tri's with chest, you need to reduce those bi & tri sets to 6.
    Back you can do 12-14. more to hit. You could do a few sets of traps on back day if you didn't on shoulders.
    Legs get about 12 sets
    Now I'll give you some ideas for better splits. Yours wasn't terrible, but i don't see how anyone could do another body part after a good 10-12 to failure sets of legs. And doing 15 sets of bi's on back to is way ah too much.
    Mon- Back, 3 sets of pull ups, 3 sets pull downs, 2 sets of dead lift (not super heavy) 2 sets bent over row, & 2 sets cable row. The idea is about 6 sets widening movements and 6 sets thickening movements.
    Chest- 3sets flat BB bench (plus 2 warm ups) 3 sets incline, & 3 sets cable crossovers.
    Arms. If they are not sore from other days. If they are, do legs day 3 and arms on 4. Any way 3 sets EZ Bar curls, 3 sets seated DB curl, & 3 sets of an isolation. Tri's will get 3 sets skulls, 3 sets of overhead extensions and 3 sets of a cable.
    Legs- 3-4 sets of squat, (smith machine is fine) 2-3 sets of sled or lunge, 3 sets of ext, and 3-4 sets curl. Don't go over 12-14
    Delts- I like to warm the rear delts up with some high cable rows. Then 3-4 sets BB press (smith or DB is fine), 3 sets side delt raise, 3-4 sets rear delt. 4 sets of shrug if you didn't do them on back day.
    Well that should give you some ideas.

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