Finally joined a fully equipped gym!!!!

It eventually had to happen. A fully equipped, air conditioned gym has opened on my island and my training buddy has bought me a year membership for helping him with his diet and workout!!!! Anyway, I've been training with my own stuff which is considerable, but I was lacking in a few areas like heavy dumbbells, pulley systems, cross-over cable machines and the like. I'm in the final week of an 8 week super high volume blast then I'm deloading for 2 weeks, followed by another 8 week blast. This is my problem. Before I was always limited in the exercises I could do because of lack of equipment. Now I'm looking around like a dog in the butcher shop, a kid in a candy store etc. This last year I really got everything dialed in (training, diet, cardio, anabolics, etc) and have had outstanding results!! I've been using pretty much the same exercises and I'd like to change some things up. Just for instance, I do all presses for chest, shrugs with a barbell, tri kickbacks twice a week, dips and such. The skull crushers and dips have hurt my elbows and rotator cuff a little, as well as the pullovers. I've been doing 6 sets of rear laterals for rear delts, but I can't really do anything different till now due to equipment restrictions. I've pretty much been doing the same exercises for a year. Some will never change (Squats,deads, etc.) and some are aggravating my joints. Some I'm just bored with. I feel like my rowing and upper back development has suffered because all I'm doing is bent over and T bar rows following heavy deads. Maybe need some chest supported action. Anyway, you can see where this is headed. What I was hoping was I could post my workout and you guys could offer suggestions of possible changes. I've never really had an opportunity to workout in a proper gym, at least not in many years. I highlighted some things I was thinking about off the top of my head.

Tuesday - Chest/Tri's - Chest Flat Bench Warm Ups, Prep Set, 1-4, 8-12, 8-12 Incline Bench 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 Decline Bench 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 MAYBE MOVE FLAT BENCH TO THE END AND CHANGE WITH DB PRESSES OR POSSIBLY ADD SOME CROSSOVER CABLE SETS? Triceps Close grip Bench Press 10-15, 10-15, 10-15 Overhead Dumbbell Tri Extensions 10-15, 10-15, 10-15 Tri Kickbacks 10-15, 10-15, 10-15 MAYBE ADD ANOTHER EXERCISE? CABLE/ROPE PRESS DOWNS AND REDUCE SETS TO 3 PER EXERCISE? I ALSO HATE TRI KICKBACKS. LOOKING FOR SUGGESTIONS HERE... AM Fasted Cardio 35 min

Wednesday - Back/Biceps Dead lift Warm up, Prep Set, 1-4, 5-6, 5-6, 5-6, 5-6 Back Thickness Underhand Bent Over Rows Warm Ups, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 T-Bar Rows 8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 I WAS THINKING OF CHANGING T BAR WITH FACE PULLS OR SOMETHING FOR THE UPPER BACK. AGAIN, MAYBE REDUCING SETS TO 3 AND ADDING ANOTHER EXERCISE. T BAR AND UNDERHAND YATES-TYPE ROWS ARE HITTING THE SAME AREA OF MY BACK TOO MUCH I THINK...DON'T KNOW. Back Width Close Grip Underhand Pull ups 8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 EZ Bar Pull Overs 8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 AS I SAID EARLIER, I WANT TO REPLACE BOTH THESE EXERCISES. MAYBE LAT PULL DOWNS AND SOMETHING ELSE. AGAIN, COULD ADD ANOTHER EXERCISE.. Biceps Spider Curls 10-15, 10-15, 10-15 Incline Bench Curls 10-15, 10-15, 10-15 21's 15,15,15 I'M PRETTY HAPPY WITH MY LIGHT BI DAY, BUT DEFINITELY OPEN FOR SUGGESTIONS. AS YOU CAN SEE I HIT BI'S/TRI'S EARLIER IN THE WEEK, THEN HEAVY ON SATURDAY. AM Fasted Cardio 35 min.

Thursday - Shoulders/Traps/Abs Shoulders Lateral Raises Warm Ups, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 Standing Overhead Presses 8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 I LIKE THESE QUITE WELL BUT POSSIBLY ADDING A 3RD? Rear Laterals 8-12,8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 DEFINITELY WOULD LIKE TO GO WITH AT LEAST 2 OR 3 EXERCISES FOR REAR DELTS. SUGGESTIONS? Traps Barbell Shrugs 6 sets 8-12 DUMBBELL SHRUGS?? Abs Weighted Decline Sit ups 6 Sets to failure AM Fasted Cardio 35 min

Friday - Legs Squats Warm ups, Prep Set, 1-4, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 Leg Extensions 8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 LEG PRESS, HACK SQUATS??? Leg Curls 8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 I DON'T KNOW FOR HAMSTRINGS. SUGGESTIONS WELCOME HERE TOO!! Standing Calf Raises 8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12, 8-12 SEATED CALF RAISES!! No Cardio

Saturday - Arms Biceps Standing Wide Grip Barbell Curls 6-10, 6-10, 6-10, 6-10 SUPERSET Reverse Grip EZ Bar Curls - Under the Chin Dumbell Curls 6-10, 6-10, 6-10, 6-10 Concentration Curls 6-10, 6-10, 6-10, 6-10 Triceps Skull Crushers Warm ups, 6-10, 6-10, 6-10, 6-10 Tri Kickbacks 6-10, 6-10, 6-10, 6-10 Weighted Dips 6-10, 6-10, 6-10, 6-10 HERE I LIKE THE BI WORK, BUT THE SKULL CRUSHERS AND DIPS SCREW WITH MY JOINTS AND I AM SICK OF KICKBACKS. TAKING SUGGESTIONS ON BI'S AS WELL... AM Fasted Cardio 35 min

Sunday - No Cardio

Monday - AM Cardio 35 Minutes

I know this is a lot to go through so just making a small suggestion here or there would help