Hello people,

New to this site, but not new to training.

Im based in the UK, im an ex professional rugby player, now in the military.

In 2009 I broke my scaphoid, and to cut a long story short, I ignored doctors advice and carried on playing. Two operations later im now in a cast, 5 weeks in and 4 weeks left in cast to go before they remove the pins and hopefully the bone is fixed.

At my peak Iwas 111kg, im 5ft 10, my best press was 135kg. (just to give you an idea of where I was at)

I have only ever been able to use legitimate supplements, however now im no longer a pro I can be a little more risky with what I take.

My pre season starts next week ( im starting early to get an advantage) however im not looking to lift weights until july to let my wrist heal sufficiently.

I am looking at taking Oxymetholone
most likely about 100mg per day. However id also like to take something that is going to cut me up, my body fat percentage is huge at the min, and due to the fact ive been unable to do propper weights for nearly 2 years im a shadow of my former self. Can anyone reccommend anything? i've heard whinny is good?

hope to hear from you soon.