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    Working out while working full time

    Wow just started working full time doing building maintenance. I was previously unemployed and had been working a 6 by 2 split, six days a week with cardio on my off day.

    Now it is all I can do to get to the gym and hit a couple of sets. My hats off to any of you guys who manage to work particularly a physical job and still find the time to commit to serious gym work.

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    once you find a routine it becomes so much easier. im working 60 or so hours a week now and i found my routine so its not that big of a problem. i workout in the mornings and i have great energy through out the day.

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    or find a 24 hour gym and start working out at 3 in the morning haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by gthom47 View Post
    or find a 24 hour gym and start working out at 3 in the morning haha
    Thats what i used to do. Freshman year of college i was working a 4AM to 12PM shift at mcdonalds then had class from 1 52 - 4 00 . I was sleeping by 6PM , up at midnight & there was gym in the neighborhood of my job that i would go to since it was 24 hours. Its all about finding a routine that works for you.

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