Need a workout regiment 6 days a week for recovering my size now that my injury has healed
Back in august i was maxing out and got cocky and hurt myself. I went for 425 and got it decently easy. I got extremely excited (who wouldnt?) so i decided to go for 435. I did, and my right shoulder just gave out. I didnt work out for about 4 months, and have been really lazy and unmotivated since january till now to get back into it hard core.
I WAS 215 at 5'10"-5'11" at about 10-12% im 195 prob about same BF %.
Can someone suggest some workout regiments or just exercises to do that will help me gain my size back as quickly as possible? Some supplement suggestions would also be great as i havent used them in over a year so im not sure what is REALLY good anymore and what not.