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    Working out too Little?

    Hi guys.
    I used to train 6 days a week (overtraining) and I have switched to 4 days a week for about 3 weeks. I have lost some noticable size in my arms mostly because I used to train them 2 times per week. My weight is a little less (1-2 pounds)

    Day1: Chest back
    Day2: Bi, tri
    Day4: off
    Day5: legs shoulders abs
    day6: Chest and Back

    What do you guys think? I been training for a solid couple of years and diet looks good also thanks to the guys on this forum.

    What do you guys recommend, 4 days, 5 days or 6?

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    well if you liked the 6 week routine and saw good results with it go back to that. then every like 6-8 weeks just take a deload week to give your body a rest and then come back hard the week after that.

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