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    post Bulking cycle... when to cut?!?!?

    I know it's commonly referred to as muscle suicide to cut after a bulking cycle. my question is;

    In what amount of time is it no longer "suicide" to cut fat?

    approx: <20% BF

    I'm a marine and running has been ingrained into me, so not running 4-5 miles 3 times a week while on cycle was killing me. now that I'm off and coming up on pct i want to hit the trail A.S.A.P. with out destroying my gains.

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    do not start cutting while on pct. keep lifting just as hard as you were before. after pct you can start a cut if you want. i would suggest no more than 500cal below maintenance cause you dont want to lose a lot of the muscle that you just put on with the bulk.

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    I would suggest waiting 4-6 weeks after PCT before you start to cut. Your hormones need to fully recover (hopefully) before beginning a cut.

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