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    Chest and shoulder workout help

    Hey fellas, aussie member here bout to start getting into some bodybuilding to see how far I can push myself first of all stats are

    Around 100kg +\- 2 or 3 kg
    Been weight training for about 5 years only for football though so no real serious stuff only really maintenance strength training
    Havent used any gear before, ran 2 cycles of Clen for preseason training that's about it.

    Diet is in check and has been spot on for at least 6 months eg quick idea of what I'm eating

    Meal 1: complex carbs eg oats and fruit or eggwhites/ wholemeal toast

    2: protein shake, handful almonds fruit
    3: chicken breast , broccoli, string beans capsicum
    4: protein shake , nuts
    5: chicken breast broccoli beans capsicum
    6: chicken breast/ lean meat beef or kangaroo / green veg

    Only supplements I'm taking are multivitamins, green tea, flaxseed oil, L-carnitine and have some
    Novadex xt and activate xtreme that about to start soon to try raise test levels a bit.

    I'm still playing football but looking to start serious bbing at end if season currently doing football trainin Tuesday and thurdays so thats
    My cardio training gym work usually wednesday Friday and Monday's depending on recovery from the weekend game.

    My gym stats are

    Deadlifts about 160kg x 8 reps
    Squats 160x 8 reps
    Bench 100 x 4 reps
    Just for the basic exercises

    I'm struggling alot with my chest and shoulder workouts as they are usually sore after the weekend football game would like to know some good recovery ideas or training excercises that could help
    Me gain strength/ size in both If you think I'm doing anything wrong in any area let me know so I can correct it I'm open for ideas and I know you blokes have the answers

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    Are you on a very strict cut? You are only taking in carbs for your first meal. Also, id ditch the fruit. Id post your diet over in the diet section, it still needs some help imho. Also, when you post it post all the macros as well.

    Another thing, with bodybuilding dont worry so much about strength. Many people forget form just to move more weight. Only go as heavy as you can with keeping strict form and concentrate on feeling yourself work the muscle.

    As for recovery, if your chest and shoulders are sore from weekend games, why not just simply move your chest/shoulder days to thursday or friday?

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    Oh righto yeh thanks I'll post diet in the diet section. I used to do my shoulders / chest on Thursday's but as I have football training on the same day I would go to gym before work then training after and it felt like I was overtraining and would take me longer to recover. So I moved it o Friday and then was too sore to play. I'm not greatly worried about strength at the moment but size and shape would be more desirable. Is there any good routines for building size and shape without doing heavy sets and placing load on shoulders? Only taking in carbs once a day as I have a massive carb load the night before football for energy and also trying to cut bodyfat down as still have some around midsection and legs. Think I'm around 15-20% bf still

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