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Thread: Lower Abs

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    Lower Abs

    I am looking for exercises to make those lower abs pop more like my upper abs. I do plenty of flutter kicks, leg raises, reverse crunches, and more. Still feel like they are lacking so I am just curious if there are any exercises that really help out. Thanks.

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    awhile back in the gym a bunch of us went upstairs into one of those workout rooms that had a closet full of weird stuff for circuit training. we had several stations. the next day my lower abs hurt not never before.

    i credit it to jumping the hurdles. we didnt run and jump. the hurdles were spaced just feet apart so you would have to jump one immediately after the other with both legs together the whole time. for the first circuit we wore our body armor.

    the abs hold your body up. do things that include holding body up. hurdles, planks, and ab wheel are good. then get into hanging leg raises (curl your pelvis up, not simply raising legs) and others.

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    What your doing seems fine. Add some weight resistance, which could help. 80% of ab development is based on diet. IMO

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    Try this one: fight off everyone from your cable rack and lower one side all the way to the ground. Put two independent handles on the lowered cable side. Sit down on your butt and attach each handle over the front of your shoe...then lay back and extend to the other side of the cable rack and hold on to the tower. In a stretched out position then begin to pull your knees all the way up to touch your elbows (revers crunch style). I do these w/ about 20 lbs on the cable and they rip my lower abs. Hope this made since...kinda hard to explain.

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    I found the ab wheel great. Different things you can do with it to make it easier/harder like going on an incline or decline. I did some slow decline weighted situps today which felt great. Very slow on the way down, normal speed back up.

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    think cardio is the old real killer for lower abs!!

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