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    I just caught the flu, workout or rest?

    Hi guys

    Im currently workout out at home 7 days a week, cardio 7 days and weights 4 days - tomorrow is a weights + cardio day.

    I have caught the flu however it doesnt seem too bad at the moment, just a sore throat and the sniffles, no cough or aches as of yet, this is the 2nd day i have had it.

    Should i still continue with my weights + cardio or should i rest?


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    Cardio is deffinitley a no no when you have any kind of cold or flu. It makes your lungs work harder and more prone to bronchitis, and other respiratory issues and will delay your recovery. If anything just hit the weights if you can, get lost of rest, lots of water, 3-4g's of vitamin c a day

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    Yeah if you feel up to it go ahead just go a little light. If you feel pretty bad take a day or two off. Rest can go a long way when recovering from a flu. Oh and make sure you keep eating.

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    I think it's always best to rest when sick. I learned this the hard way in my first year of training 11 years ago - I had a nasty cold and went to the gym anyways. That nasty cold got much, much nastier in the days following my workout and stuck around a lot longer than usual, keeping me out of the gym for over a week. I think that putting extra stress on your immune system by training will ultimately set you back. Your body's busy fighting off an infection - forcing it to repair damaged muscle tissue on top of that is not going to do you any good, and you certainly aren't going to make any gains. A lot of people don't realize that rest is just as important than lifting. You've got to learn to keep yourself out of the gym!

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