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    Weight Training Tips and Recommended Programs

    I am a new member here, but I have been viewing these forums here for almost 2 years, and have gained a lot of knowledge, so I just want to contribute. Thus, here are some proven training programs a long with other weight training info that will hopefully answer a lot of questions for those who are just getting started.

    Quick Tips
    1. Stick with the basics. If you are a beginner to intermediate you will be much better off spending your time trying to get stronger on the basic compound movements such as Squats, Bench Press, Deadlifts, Rows, Overhead press, Chin-ups, and Dips versuses doing endless sets of bicep curls, and cable crossovers.

    2. You are not advanced. Most people seem think because they have been training for a year that they are finally advanced when really it takes about 2-4 years of proper training and nutrition to reach this level. Notice that the word proper is in bold because there are many people who have been training for a few years, but because their nutrition was out of line, or because they were fallowing some bs workout they found in a bodybuilding magazine their gains were less than optimal during that time. On average most people when they start weight training they have the potential to gain about 40 lbs of muscle over a lifting career (naturally), so some one who has gained about 30 lbs over years of training would mean they are approaching there natural genetic potential; thus, making them advanced. For more information on this check out this article.

    3. Periodization. There really isnt one optimal rep/set scheme; therefore, you need to change things up using linear, undulating, or conjugate periodization just to name a few. For more information please read this article.

    4. Dont Train like a pro. Despite this being an AAS forum the vast majority of the people here do not have the same genetics as an IFBB pro, nor will they run some of the crazy cycles those guys use. Basically training one muscle group per week like you see in the bodybuilding magazines is not the most optimal way to train for most people, and the main reasons it has yielded them great results is because they have elite genetics, and are using just about every effective drug under the sun.

    5. Keep adding weight to the bar. This is a simple no brainer you should always try to improve on your previous workout whether that means adding another 5 lbs, or getting an extra rep or two. If you feel you have stalled on an exercise just drop the weight by 10% and rebuild.

    Novice Weight Training Programs
    Starting Strength *Highly Recommended For Beginners*
    Basic Barbell Routine
    A Simple Beginner's Routine

    Effective Weight Training Programs
    DC Training
    Generic Bulking Routine
    Madcow 5x5

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    Can you explain further on the "If you feel you have stalled on an exercise just drop the weight by 10% and rebuild" part. Thanks.

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    Sure, if you have stalled on your bench press for instance it could mean you increased the weight by to much the last couple workouts, so you could try and fix this by dropping the weight by 10%, and than you will add weight to the bar from there. However, once you become stronger, or reach the intermediate level you will generally not be able to increase the weight after each workout.

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