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    My workout routine (Thoughts pls)

    Hey guys, im trying to put on some size and have been doing so pretty well latley, but i'm just here to do a bit of research and figure out ways of improving my form/program etc!

    So here is my usual program on a weekly basis.. and this is what i believe works best for me.

    Day 1 (Chest & Bis)

    Bench Press (3x8)
    Incline DB Bench(3x8)
    Decline DB Bench(3x8)
    >>>>Also this is swapped in here and there
    Peck Deck (3x8)
    Fly ropes (3x8)
    Pushups (supersetted with peckdeck usually)

    BB curls (3x8)
    Hammer Curls 3x8)
    Isolated bicep curls (3x8)
    Pull ups (3x6)

    Day 2 (Back & Tris)

    Seated Row (3x8)
    Deadlifts (3x5)
    One arm Row (3x8)

    Skullcrushers (3x8)
    Weighted dips (3x8)
    Tri isolation machine (3x8)

    Day 3 (Legs & Shoulders)

    Leg press (3x8)
    Leg extensions (3x8)
    Leg Curls (3x8)
    Squats (5x5) - I get lazy with squats so i dont always do them (i know i should but lazyness kicks in!)

    Standing BB row (3x8)
    Shrugs (3x8)
    Front DB shoulder raises(3x8)
    DB Military press (3x8)

    And that's pretty much my routine! I also try to eat alot of good carbs etc and drink max's supersize with a scoop of creatine 2 times a day.

    I feel what's letting me down most of the time is my inability to diet properly..

    So any thoughts on my bulking program? any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    thanks guys

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    Its good to see your learning how to make a training routine and i will give you help as i do the same kind of training aswel tho i would change give legs and shoulders a seperate day aswel. try something like this
    DAY 1
    leg press/squat
    leg extentions
    leg curls

    DAY 2:
    Bench press 3sets
    Incline db press 3 sets
    decline db press 3 sets
    flyes 3 sets
    Barbell Curls: 3 sets
    Hammer Curls 3 sets
    isolated bicep curls 3 sets

    DAY 3:
    Tbar/bent over rows
    Weighted Dips
    Skull crushers
    Tri isolation machine.

    DAY 4: OFF

    DAY 5: Shoulders
    Shoulder Press barbell/dumbbell
    Rear delts
    Side Laterals
    front delts

    Make sure you change exercises each week to get the body guessing and eat proper food for growth. you had a bit too many exercises for some muscles but the routine i just tweeked up. its good for what your looking for

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    your pretty much working your chest, triceps, and shoulders thrice a week, albeit it chest less than the tri's and shoulders
    your working your back and biceps thrice a week too
    then you do deadlifts and then legs the next day, imo deads are a leg exercise, i classify leg exercises as my lower back and down, deads will work your hammies glutes and low back more than your upper back, but the upper back is just a bonus
    not being a jackass but your routine is just like mine when i first started, just thrown together with no reason! lol but dont worry itll get better as you research more and get experience in the trenches

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    Do chin ups on day 1 instead of pullups.. Pullups is great for back AND bi's, but being that you want to do just Bi's, I would switch

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