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    Pain in My rear delt...I think....Help...

    For the last four weeks, the day after shoulder day my left posterior delt hurts. It doesnt feel like a strained muscle but a bruise. I have full range of motion with no pain but like I said it feels like a deep tissue/bone bruise. The thing is there is no black and blue mark or sign of bruise on my shoulder.

    It starting to mess me up because when I try to squat and I have all the weight resting on my upper back its like 300 lbs pushing down a bruise. I cant focus.

    What could it be?!?!?

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    Its Hard to say what type of injury it may be, you may have strained a muscle, stretched a tendon, or aggravated the joint. How long has it been hurting. Mine used to hurt because of doing behind the neck presses, and pulldowns. These movements have aggravated my shoulder in the past, and they also aren't really nescessary to build nice shoulders or back. IOP, I'd suggest taking some glucosamine supps if you're not already, and stay away from those movements. Also, make sure you are stretching and warming up efficiently. This keeps my shoulders pain-free. Might work for you. Just my opinion!

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