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    chest definition

    hi i am 6,1' 230 lbs i am now cutting and concentrating on chest definiton can any post me some good definiton workouts?
    i am doing chest once a week

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    I dont know if any certain excersice will give you better definition other then diet, but I tend to think cable crossovers and good for bringing out the middle of the chest, flys and butterflys for shaping and outer pec, and decline flys and dips for the lower pec.

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    I said it before and I'll say it again...I'm a huge advocate of cable presses every now and again (maybe every other workout) as well as benching with bands. There's just something about that continuous tension that seems to be working for me. CHest was a horrid bodypart for me for a LONG time. And while it's still by no means my best, or even "good", it's coming along nicely as a result of the inclusion of these two movements...they just seem to get "deep" down in the muscle.

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    i'll second the cable crosses, they give you really nice striations across your chest , of course you won't get anything without the proper diet but I too feel cable crosses deep down and have been incorporating them into my workout

    haven't tried benching with bands but i heard that helps the final lockout phase and thus helps your tri's more than chest... of course being that i've never done it and big green has, i'd go with his advice..

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