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    Fullbody vs split debate

    I was reading on someone else's thread and a few folks recommend fullbody workouts for most people. I understand the reason behind of course working out every muscle for 3 days vs 1 muscle per week. I'd love to hear the people who recommend fullbody routines and how they work it 3 sets of 10s or 5x5??

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    They both work.

    But if you want straight mass.... I feel splits work best.

    Ive done both types of routines.

    Full body workouts, catch up to you though.

    Working legs and back... 3 days a week. No thanks.

    I started doing hams one day then quads the next time I went. Just kept rotating them. Made recovery a bit easier.

    But if youre looking to hit it hard, kill the intensity levels... then I dont think full body w/o's are ideal.

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    I feel like the risk of over training with the full body stuff is to high. splits are good

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    Your central nervous system can only take so much, even for someone as young as I am! =)

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    Splits definitely better for muscle gains. I mean I'm sure you can get pretty cut up on a full body workout if gaining muscle isn't your #1 goal. I remember when I didn't know anything and first started working out someone told me to do full body, that was the biggest waste, once I switched to splits gains came much faster and I got results. What is the point of full body if your looking for size or muscle. Even if you rested 3 days you would only get to do that 3 times a week and you would most likely being doing less exercises and not hitting each muscle group very hard because obviously you can't stay in the gym 6 hours doing 3 sets of 4 different exercises for each muscle group that would take to long if your doing full body.
    Where as if you did splits you could keep hitting different muscles everyday if you would like as long as they are different muscle groups and actually you could hit some of them twice a week if you want. By doing splits your not only letting your muscle groups recover but you also allow more intensity on that muscle group because on that day lets say for biceps you have maybe 12 sets total where as on full body you may have only been able to do 2-4 sets total.

    Splits for any type of muscle growth or mass hell even strength.
    I feel full body would be good for people looking to lose weight, looking to get cut up, not worried about gaining to much muscle or strength or just wanting to stay averagely fit.

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