Ok, so getting my diet in place over in the nutrition section (where else?) So decided to get the workout stuff down. I hate cardio, i mean, HATE it..! But it is going to have to be done if i am to cut up the body fat around any muscle and do it within 12weeks.

Weight: 206lbs
BF: I would say around 22-25%
Experience of training: 3years
Goal: Cutting body fat whilst keeping mass

My plan, without reps, will look like this. Reps kept between 10-6 for most part.

AM Cardio of 30mins low intensity
PM Chest and Biceps (15sets and 8sets respectively)

PM Legs (15sets)

AM or PM Cardio? Thinking PM personally

PM Back and Triceps (15sets and 8sets respectively)

AM Cardio 30 minutes
PM Shoulders (17sets)
PM Cardio

Saturday - OFF

PM Cardio

How is that shaping up? As i said, my goal is to lose body fat whilst trying to maintain the mass that i have. Going to live in Australia in September, so abs would be the ideal thing