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Thread: Rep Goal

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    Rep Goal

    So I was on a fitness website recently and was looking through there workouts hoping to find some new "amazing" workout that would surpass all the tride and true methods. (I was bored and I enjoy looking at others workouts). I came across a workout that was called bulldozer training and it looked kinda interesting and unique so I thought I would ask if anyone has tried a simular workouts with much success. The workout involves short rest periods between sets (30 to 45 sec.) and insead of preforming a given number of reps each set you have a ultimate number of reps to complete and you complete them within the number of sets you determine. (example: 40 reps total and 8 sets to complete them in.). You move up in weight when you can complete the number of reps before coming to the last set. It sounded different and interesting but Ive never come across a workout like it and wanted some feedback.

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    post proelia praemia
    Google dorian yates hit

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    Why re-invent the wheel if its not broken, try it out see if it works as for me I'm just going to stick with whats proven to work rather than try some new fancy thing.

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