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    Test E and cardio

    I am a new member so be nice. I am 43 and have worked out off and on for 20 plus years. I have been hitting it hard for 1 year now with good gains. I am 5'11 an weigh 195 with a 14 bf. I started pinning last week on a Test e only cycle of 500 per week. This is my first ever cycle and want moderate gains of lean muscle. I wish I could have lost 10 pounds to reduce my bf, but I couldn't. I am not asking if I should have waited before Test. I know I should have, but I know I can cut the bf later. My question is since Test e takes 4 to 5 weeks to kick in, will it hurt me to hit some cardio during that 1st month to lean up before the Test kicks in. I know some say bulk up and at the end of the cycle shred it, but why not shred it first while waiting for the test. I have a good diet, workout, so cardio is my main question here. I know I am gonna get ripped apart, but I have never seen this question before. I hope its not that dumb of a question. I know I am not going to get a six pack like this. I am not after that. I just want some lean mass. Please be gentle.

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    Welcome to the board mate!
    with only one year hard in the gym this last time, you will be at risk of injury of connective tissue. Just be careful and try not to go as heavy as you think you can.... It will be tempting! You will notice your endurance dropping a bit on cycle (resting pulse rate up, BP up, abit more breathing walking up stairs....), so if you want to do some cardio, that would be well advised. You might be better off (due to injury prevention) to try and keep your reps up to the 10+ range. this will take the heat off your connective tissue some, and scoot you more towards growth in the strength/growth dynamic. If you haven't already, check out the nutrition section, and maybe post your diet along with macros per meal and total macros per day. Include your tdee so we can bench mark against it. There will be plenty of blokes giving you advice! Diet is the most underrated aspect of this lifestyle. If you are already on top of this, just disregard. I have no way of knowing where you are at developmentally and experientially/knowledge wise.
    Good to have you here, and hope to see you bumping around the board in the future!

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