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    Is spot hypertrophy possible?

    Hi Guys,
    May i know if i train my chest twice a week ,wed n sat and i dont train my arms directly, can i expect my chest to gain mass and my arms to remain.
    My chest respond slowly compared to my arms and i want my arms to be small so i dont have the big arms small chest build.

    My training looks like this, normally total of 8 sets each major muscle within 10-12 reps, for shoulders and abs 3 sets, 10-15 reps
    wed :chest, upper abs
    thur :legs, rear and side delts
    sat : chest, lower abs
    sun : back, front and side delts

    For diet, I keep my meals balanced, with carb , protein n fats. I try as much as possible to consume complex carbs.

    Pls advice if you see something wrong with my training n diet. Thanks.

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    To answer your question, yes. Only the muscles which are stimulated/stressed will generally have reason to grow.

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    Thanks! I was always wondering why some models have huge thick pectorals but yet have arms very lean. I always thought genetics was on their side . Now i can proceed to sculpt my body the way i want to look
    Thanks alot

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