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Thread: im wondering..

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    im wondering..

    my question is.. your ability to lift heavier weights on some days rather than other days, does it depend upon how you schedule your workouts, say i have arms saturday but friday i just worked out real hard on legs, do you think it could have drained my energy

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    How you perform one day compared to the next has many variables. Like how many hours you slept, what you've eaten, what your activities have been that day, and so on and so on. So it not just how hard you lifte the day before but that is a small part of it.

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    mentally that could be draining, but physiologically the energy stores (glycogen stores) in your muscles do not move from one muscle to another. it has to go back to the liver first...but it's rare cuz that's not very efficient.

    Agreed with Texan, this is just one part of your overall performance.

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    I agree with both!

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