My Schedule

Mon-- Rest

Tue --
CHEST(Bench press, Dumbell press, Flyes)
BACK(Bendover rows, Machine one-arm rows, Lat pulldown.)
ABS(crunches, seated leg tucks, hang leg raise)

Wed-- Rest

SHOULDER(Front military press, Dumbell press,
dum laterel raise, Barbell uprite row, Dumbell Shrug.)
TRICEP (Skullcrusher, Dumbell one-arm french press, Cablepressdown.)
ABS(same as above)

Fri -- Rest

Sat --
BICEP(Barbell curl, Dumbell alt curl, Rev barbell curl, Hammer curl.)
LEGS (Squats, Static leg press, calf raise, Super leg press)

Sun -- Cardio(jogging or swimming)
i can't actually jog at all, coz my leg is
F**cking sore after legs on Sat, more
like walking.

Rotate the training once awhile
to refrains my body from getting accustomed to it.

Looking for a 3-times per-week workout schedule.
Any comments on my schedule ?? Or any advise ??
Did i miss anything out??