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    Talking Gains to good to be true...

    I've been out of the gym for a LLONNNGG time (4+ years) and got the urge to start going again after I stumbled upon this board and read ALOT of post.

    I started hitting the weights and treadmill less than 4 weeks ago and have had such good results that It's almost to good to be true, I had to share..

    Since starting up again (remember less than 4 weeks) I have gone from 200 16% to 206 14%.... Thats about 10lbs of muscle Gear free)
    Now I've heard that the body remembers what it once was and that it should take less time to get up there again but damn...

    Has anyone else had similar results after taking a huge layoff?

    I've been doing a very simple routine..

    Mon - Legs/cardio
    Tue - off
    Wed - Push/cardio
    Thur - Abs/cardio
    Fri - Pulls/cardio
    Sat - off
    Sun - cardio

    Keeping my calories below 2400...
    Really clean diet.. 2 small cheats a week.. but still keep the calories down.
    <50g Fat
    180g Carbs
    300g Protien

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    i'd hafta say it's possible, when i first started i was up 4# in the first two weeks and my bodyfat dropped 3% ..and i'm a girl...soo, awesome job man...keep goin!!!

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