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    what is the different btw triceps dips and chest dips i find them the same

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    the difference in the movement is when your doing dips for chest is that you slightly lean your chest forward and your legs more back. picture your body in a slant when working the chest

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    The way to work your chest on dips would be to keep your elbows out like on a bench press.Whether you lean forward or not does not make a difference .Example you can lean forward with your elbows in and it will work your tris as well as your chest or you can lean forward with your elbows out and this will hit your chest harder. Or you can go up and down with no lean forward or back .Its all in the elbows if you want to hit your chest hard elbows out places more stress on the chest if you want to work your tris harder elbows closer in will work them more .Peace

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