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    Not sure if this would be the right thread to post this in, or even if it is allowed ( mod let me know and I'll gladly discontinue posting on it) but I thought it would be a good idea to post my specs, workout, and progress, and that way if anyone feels like they want to comment they may, positive or negative!

    Current Specs.
    weight: 177
    waist: 35
    chest: 39
    l.bicep: 14
    r.bicep: 14
    l.forearm: 12.5
    l.thigh: 23
    r.thigh: 23
    l.calf: 16
    r.calf: 16

    Changing my workout to a more cardio, due to working 3rd shift, actually getting to the gym in the morning is hard, but I'm going to try!

    I'm down to 177lbs from 200 about 5 months ago, but didn't have the specs from then, wish me luck...

    Currently, I only take whey protein for breakfest, and not religiously like I should, anyone have any luck with taking a Rip Fuel with a shake, then going for some serious cardio?


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    Thats great loseing all that weight in 5 months bro . Good luck hope everything works out for ya peace

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    thanks cdog. Today I tried the workout before breakfest on an empty stomach. Popped some rip fuel, waited 30 mins, busted out about 20 mins jump rope, with crunches/pushups in between my jump rope breaks.
    Feels real good, but seriously need to quit smoking, ughhh
    Had me a protein shake afterwards and I feel great!! Might even hit up the gym after work.

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