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    so cal

    toomuch? too little?

    thought id post up my workout for advice...
    flat bench 12,10,8,8,6,3
    incline db 8,10,12
    incline fly 8,10,12

    dips 10,12,14
    skull crushers 8,10,12
    kick backs 8,10,12
    tri exztensions 8,10,12

    squats 12,10,8,8,6,3
    calf raises with squat weight x20

    leg curls 20,10
    leg extensions 20,10

    day 2

    lat pull downs 12,10,8,8,6,
    one arm rows 8,10,12
    shrugs 12, 10, 8, 6

    standing bb curls 12,10,8,8,6,3
    seated preacher db curls 8,10,12
    hammer curls 8,10,12
    standing db curls 8,10,12

    military press 12,10,8
    upright rows 8,10,12
    standing flys 8,10,12
    bent over flys 8,10,12
    front raises 8,10,12

    all of this is done close to failure
    then i wait two days and start over,it has worked pretty good in the past but im pretty spent after i kindof superset this routine ,having a little trouble with flat bench but got some help with that and making some cganges there ...just wondering if i should split this stuff up a bit or keep going? thought maybe splitting it up may increase strength?

    thanks bros g.

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    Oct 2010
    so cal
    really hoping to hear from some vets ,its worked for a few yrs but its becoming obvious that i need to change things around hopefully someone can tweek my routine to help me grow !!! ive got some good ideas on bench thanks to some experienced vets but wondering how to change things properly... thanks brothers!

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