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Thread: Back Injury

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    Unhappy Back Injury

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm asking this question in case anyone has had the same problem or someone can give me advice...

    A few weeks ago I sprained my spine whilst performing a front shoulder raise with a moderate weight. I was training in the morning which is something I dont usually do and I hadn't warmed up properly.

    The pain at the time was uncomfortable but the real pain started when I got home and the days following. It was unbearable. I went to chiropractic clinic and they diagnosed the sprain. They manipulated the bones for a while and showed me some slow stretching excersises to perform throughout the day (I have an office job). I had a few more visits and the pain had practically gone. They said I could train again but only light.

    I think you know whats coming...

    I trained again once, light, and things were fine. I trained again a little heavier (a few days later) and I thought things were ok. It wasn't until the next day that the pain returned in the same area of the back (middle left side).

    I've now decided to have a much longer break (which is driving me mad) but I just wanted to know how long I should expect to wait before I'm fully repaired? I understand that this may sound like a stupid question and its probably very dependable on me etc but I would be VERY interested in what you guys have to say.

    Thanks in advance


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    DONT MESS WITH YOUR BACK!!!! whatever you do, leave your back alone, a little more time out of the gym will save you a LOT of pain in future years

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