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    Exercises for chest mass/definition.

    Hey boys. Just a little bit about myself. I'm a true ectomorph who gains hardly any fat and builds muscle slowly. This doesn't bother me much because it suits my overall goal physique. Anyway, I think I naturally have a small chest and will never have a massively sized pectorals. What I am aiming for is a nicely shaped chest, not droopy with droopy pectorals that are not necessarily saggy but are large towards the bottom as opposed to the central and upper chest area.

    Bearing all this in mind, I was also wondering what exercises in particular and how many different exercises I should be doing on chest day. At the moment I'm doing flat bench presses (4x6-8), incline dumbbel flyes (4x6-8), incline bench presses (3X6-8), dumbbell pullovers (3X6-8), cable flyes (3x6-8). I feel that if I only do four exercises then I feel as though I could have done more, and that five is the sweet spot. But a lot of people have told me they only do four chest exercises and have alerted me to over training.

    Any help and advice would be really appreciated.

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    Personally I only do three , barbell bench press, incline dumbbell flys and dumbbell bench press, I do a warm up set then increase the weights for each set all to FAILURE helps me. I alternate every 2 weeks and do drop sets. For me if I feel I can do more i haven't done enough. Do each set till failure would be my advice hope this helps

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    Once you have worked the muscle properly then beyond that is a waste of time and can cause injury.
    If your doing your sets properly strict with good form you will be tired pretty quickly. I must have a spot on chest days due to forced reps and negatives. U need these to properly work the pectoral muscle.
    Decline bench /dumbbells is the best chest building exercise according to dorian!

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