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Thread: A week off

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    A week off

    i have gone about 5 or 6 months with out taking a break from lifting i lift 3 days a week mon wed fri. Do you guys think its time for a week off? and if so should i stay on the suppliments or should i get off em? im on creatine 5grams the days i work out and protine every day.

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    if u arent getting stronger and are plateauing, then taking a week off might not be too bad

    u wont need the creatine during the week off

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    i recently took 6 days off and came back strong as hell and had one of my best natural pumps. i recommend a break and quit the supplements just eat eat eat eat eat eat.

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    if you're feeling sluggish then take the week off, if you can't muster up enough intensity for a good workout, rest up a lil until you can

    have you seen any gains in that 6 months?

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    Definitely cycle training!! I strongly recommend, regardless of how many times a week you train, to take a week off every 8-10 weeks. I prefer 10 weeks, but 8 is OK, depending on your schedule. You will feel recharged and ready to rock like you've never felt before!! And remember, you grow when you are resting and eating, not when you are in the gym.

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