Due to time contraints ive had to rework my lifting schedule a little bit. I work my upper body twice a week (monday and thursday), with my monday workout being a little less intense than my thursday workout because I have less time ro rebuild in between gym visits. Similarly I do legs on tuesday and friday with tuesday being my lighter day. So far on this scheme it seems like I have had pretty good results. But like everyone else I want to optimize my results. Soon I will have more time to workout any schedule I like, so if you have any tips for a good bulking routine, let me know. Also, on my old routine I used to do a upperbody split involving chest (chest/tris/shoulders) on one day,and back (back and biceps) on the other. I would work chest, take a day off, work back, take a day or 2 off and back to chest again; while doin legs in between. And i felt when i would be doin by muscle group for one day that i could feel some stress on my sore muscles from the previous workout. For example when doin shoulder press i can feel some soreness in my biceps. Im pretty sure my form is good, but i feel like i am reworking muscles that should be recovering....any comments?