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    my flexibility sucks

    I am currently trying to bulk, but I cant throw in deads for mass because my flexibility is sooo bad. My general flexability is not that bad just my hamstrings-specifically the part right behind my knee. I do stretch at least a few days/week, but I can't come close to touching my toes. I know genetics plays a PART of the problem, because my father and brother are worse than me...but I'm sure I can work past this with help.

    Any suggestions?

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    get high and stretch ed twice a day.

    mine sucks as well and i am making improvement

    you can get a stretcher machine as well. i got one for 150 and i sit in it in front of the tv for at least 20min every night. i crank it till it hurts then crank it some more

    i kickbox and when i started i could barely do a rib kick, now i'm at neck level.

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    Like said already, you need to be stretching everyday twice a day. At least before and after your workouts to prevent injuries.

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    my flexability sucks to bro

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