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    Cardio question.. help me out bros!~

    Hey guys.

    I like doing cardio in the am before breakfast as soon as I get up. I usually just ride my stationary bike for 30 minutes. so nice low impact training(fat burning zone). My question is that would it be fine to do cardio in the pm instead of the am? the reason I wanna do this is because Im working shifts for the summer. two weeks days, two weeks nights. During day shifts i have to get up at 5am in the morning. so theres no time for cardio. Would it be fine to do it in the evening? maybe alittle higher impact training, like the elptical cross-trainer??? let me know bros!

    Also i'll only be doing the cardio in the PM during day shift. on nights i'll still do it in the AM... let me know asap my brothers!

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    yes it is fine to do yoru cardio in the pm as long as yrou getting it done..make sure your diet is good too

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    It's really fine to do cardio whenever you want to. It won't be as beneficial doing in the PM though..the best time to do the cardio is first thing in the morning. It sucks getting up early bro but it pays off big time! I was skipping out on cardio on some days because I had to be up for class at 7 and I was like F this I'm not getting up at 5:30 to do cardio...well I am and its paying off big time. No diss or anything bro but I'd suck it up and wake up at 4:30 to do cardio, especially since you have the bike at your house. Either way good luck!



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    As long as its getting done is what is important, do it after you lift weights or before you eat. Try to get it on as empty of a stomach as you can.


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    um, someone needs to read that "truth about body building" thread. that whole thing about running in the am on an empty stomach doesn't matter. long as your diet is rite and you're getting it done. infact, i find it better after working out. that way you're already warm and have your blood flowing so when you run, you're burning fat. don't have to worry about doing extra laps to get warm.

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    I'll do cardio in the am most times but I'll also do it in the pm as well. I just feel more up to it in the morning as opposed to the evenings.

    Fire, if the stationary bike isn't doing the trick or you think it's not giving you what you want by all means go with the eliptical. Your body might have gotten used to the bike. Switch it up a little and see what happens. The body adapts so fast it good to keep it guessing.

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    if you can get in after workouts in the evening go for it
    i think its best when glucose levels are low
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