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    Talking Help with deadlifts

    Hiya guys
    I have been training 5 days a week for about 6-8 months now and have been making great gains, but I never included deadlifts in my workouts (I know, I know).
    I used just the bar today to get my form Ok but am not sure what a good starting out weight would be. Could anyone recomend a good weight to start at so i dont stuff my back up
    Here are my stats, natural for at least another year or two,
    5'10 170lbs 22yrs old bf about 15% (guess)
    I bench about 130x8 for sets and squat 150x6-8.
    I'm only starting so these numbers will hopefully grow as i do.
    Thanx for any advice as this board seems to be full of alot of knowlegable people.

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    well u are my height and weight. i bench around 160 by 8 and i have squatted in a while. so im basically in the same realm as you. my max dead is a lil over 300. and i typically rep around 225, but i think my back is my best muscle group. start out with a 45 plate on each side (135 lbs). as long as your form is decent u wont have any problem with that weight.

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    What weight to start with??? Go light and work your way up each week, making sure you don't make too big of jumps in weight. Starting out stick with what's comfortable until you have your form down. Be carefull and go slow. Deadlifts are a great lift but one of the most dangerous one too. You lift wrong just a little bit and you can hurt yourself in more ways than you can figure.

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    Listen to Tex! Last wednesday I was doing deads 2nd warmup set at about 285 or so and I made one wrong move and BAMM! MF'ER! My back was strained and it hampered me even on monday when I was doing legs! Be very careful, it's a powerful movement and a painful one if you are not careful. I've done em of and on for a long time, and when someone isn't doing them right you'll know because you went see them around the gym for long periods of time!

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    Some things you just have to find out yourself, lift a weight you can use good form with 8-12 reps.

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