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    Serious sleeping problem?!?!??

    I didn't know what forum this thread belonged in so I took a guess, so bear with me.

    Here's my problemo. From now until the end of August I've taken a job where my shifts usually start at 5am. I train about 3-4 days a week (weights) and play football as well (2 practices, one game per week).

    I know sleeping is an important part of the muscle building process and my question is: if i don't get 8 hours sleep, or split 8 hours into possible a 6 hour sleep and a 2 hour nap how much will this effect my muscle building efforts? I expect a random sleep schdeule like this for the next 3.5 months. Please advise.

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    6 hours is ok, thats how much sleep i got, sometimes less, and i still was able to lift, but whenever i got less than 5 hours i felt weaker, as long as you feel you have adequate energy, then its ok, if you get in the gym and you lift one set an start yawning, well then maybe you need more sleep

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    It will depend on your body, and how well it does or does not respond to less than 8 hours of sleep. There are pros who get less than 8 hours, so it is all a matter how your body is. Also, drug use would play a part, eg. steroids would help recovery, so one might do as well with less sleep providing they have an increased recovery rate.

    I would suggest to maintain your current schedule, and see if a couple hours less sleep has a negative effect. Using myself as an example, there are many times during school I only get 6-7 hours of sleep per night on a consistant basis... I always expect a negative effect in recovery and the gym (and tiredness, etc.) however I seem to function just as well.

    As for naps... I like them. They really help me feel rested. I limit mine to 30-45 minutes personally, however I have read that, for some reason I can't recall, that one should not exceed 30 minutes, due to some sleep pattern/ REM thing. Anyone who could exaggerate on this would be appreciated.

    Just make sure to listen to your body.

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