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    Newbie here, first question on this board!!!

    Hey whats up, I've been looking at different fitness boards and this one has kicked every others a$$! Heres my question, I seem to be lagging in several parts, my shoulders, lats, and neck. I have pretty good size, but my area around my neck and lats makes me look smaller than I actually am. By the way, Im 6'2", 204lbs, not sure on the bodyfat, but my guess is around 12%, I dont know how accurate those online bodyfat tests are. Anyways my workouts for shoulders, lats go like this:
    -dumbbell presses: 3x10-12
    -front dumbell raises: 3x10-12
    -bent over bumbell raises: 3x10-12
    -side cable lateral raises: 3x10-12

    -dumbell shrugs: 3x8-10
    -behind the back barbell shrugs: 3x8-10

    I usually do lats with my shoulders, but I have heard that its good to do them with your back workout. Is this true? Also, I did not post any neck exercises and thats another question, what exercises are good to do to bulk up my neck a bit? Thanks for the help guys.

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    i do rear delts and traps with back, seems to work pretty well for me

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    personally i like a five day spilt, each bodypart trained separately
    but whatever brotha
    you gotta play around with different variables and see whats best for you.what works for me not might work with you, everyones different.

    NeedPainforgain- you mean your traps brotha, shrugs aint ideal for the lats

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    i work a 5 day split too. but i used to work my rear delts and traps with my worked just as well i went to a five day split for convinience.

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    Usually your neck comes naturally, I personally wouldnt waste time on it. I would also throw in some wide grip pull ups, upright rows, and seated military presses to change your routine every now and again.

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    Shrugs work the Traps better then anything. don't do them to work lats.

    Barbell Bent-over Row
    Cable Close Grip Pulldown
    Underhand Chin-ups

    Barbell Shrugs
    Dumbbell Shrugs

    Dumbbell Front Raise
    Dumbbell Lateral Raise
    Barbell Military Press
    Barbell Uprite Rowe

    those should take care of your shoulders & your back. try working the Back - Traps - Delts on seperate days. keep your diet rite.

    try 3 - 4 sets w/ reps between 8 - 12

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